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Kami Crate is a subscription based service. Once subscribed we'll send you a random product every month. For more information click here.

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I had a very good experience shopping at Animegami store! I was in search of a certain exclusive piece, which was very hard to come by in Europe, but after several (quick response) emails with José, he managed to get hold of one. Very friendly, quick in responding to emails, dilligent in the work they do. Much appreciated!... See Review
Nikolas Belgium
Excellent service with really helpful communication before placing my order and great delivery options. I will now always place my orders with Animegami and would highly recommend the site. Great customer service, order with confidence!on!... See Review
Mark United Kingdom
I can't thank Carlos and Jose enough for their amazing efforts to check availability, reserve my items and arrange delivery of these fantastic items, and for the fact Animegami even sell such large items, Darth Vader is over 6'9" tall. Top marks all round on excellent customer service, quality items, great price and well packaged on time delivery so my items arrived in perfect condition... See Review
Paul United Kingdom

Manga and Anime Crates aka Kami Crates - What is it?

Kami Crates are monthly subscription crates that you can exclusively find in Animegami.
A random collectible from our extensive catalogue will be delivered straight to your door for no extra charge other than the value of the subscription. Awesome, right?

How does it work?

  1. Subscribe to Kami Crate or EPIC! Kami Crate.
  2. Once a month, you will receive a random collectible figure, selected from all our in stock catalogue. We keep a history of the items that you get sent, this way you will NEVER receive the same item.
  3. Enjoy your new surprise figure and make sure to share your Kami Crate item on the subscription page by adding a review, or on our Facebook page.

Tell me more please!

We currently have 2 available subscriptions: Kami Crate and EPIC! Kami Crate. These subscriptions work on a monthly recurring basis and can be cancelled at any time.

Why should I subscribe?

Every time a collectible is randomly chosen for you, there's a chance that you'll get a much better figure than what you're paying for in the subscription.

Let's say that you're subscribed to the Kami Crate and it's time for us to pick your item. You will ALWAYS receive an item that costs at least the value of your subscription, or in other words, you will NEVER be sent an item that costs less than the subscription value.
In short, there's a very likely chance that you'll be assigned an item that is much more valuable than what you're paying for on your subscription.

How do we pick the items?

You probably noticed by now that all products have a Kami Crate Rarity attribute. This defines how likely this item is to be selected when we make our monthly pick.

Kami Crate subscription works similiar to how loot drop works in games like World of Warcraft, Diablo, Everquest, and many others. Main idea behind loot or loot drop, is when you kill a monster or a boss in one of those game that monster or boss will provide you with one or more items. These items can have various rarities and each of those rarities will be provided based on different percentages, here are some examples:

  • A common item will be provided 60% of the time 
  • An uncommon item will be provided 25% of the time 
  • A rare item will be provided 10% of the time 
  • An epic item will be provided 4% of the time 
  • A legendary item will be provided 1% of the time 

Note: Please be aware that these percentages are just an example and do not represent the percentages that we use internally.

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