Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions

Last updated: March 13, 2016

The ‘refer a friend’ incentive is a reward, in form of a discount coupon, to be sent to a referrer (existing customer), up to 30 days after the successful payment of the order, resulting from a successful referral. For a definition of ‘successful’, please keep reading.

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About the offer

The offer is available to existing Animegami Store customers only. These are customers that have placed an order and successfully paid for that order. A ‘successful referral’ is a referral that results in the sale of one or more items and that has not been cancelled. The referrer (existing customer) would also still need to have purchased one or more items that have not been cancelled.

If a ‘successful referral’ is made and the referee (friend) buys one or more items, a 5% discount coupon will be sent to the referrer (existing customer).

Qualification for the reward

To qualify for the 5% discount coupon the referee (friend) must purchase, pay for and not cancel an order.

You can only refer new customers. Returning customers are not eligible for the offer.


There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be made by an individual customer.

The reward is a 5% discount coupon, which is is non-negotiable and non-exchangeable.

Animegami Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw this offer if, in our judgement, the offer is being abused. Animegami Ltd. also reserves the right to change or amend the reward and the structure of the offer at any time. Any decision made by Animegami Ltd. with regards to this offer is final.

This referral offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

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