Eye on Asia – Support for lost orders/deposits

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Helping the community!

As some people know Eye on Asia went bankrupt and stopped replying to customers. Their facebook page is offline, however, they keep accepting orders.

We would like to do something to help the community, especially the ones affected by this.

Following the discussion on Anime merchandise sales UK facebook group a couple of retailers in the UK (Animegami, GamerSheek, Korekuta, among others) decided to take matters into our own hands and create a support program for customers affected by Eye on Asia going bust.

We will get in touch with you on a first come first served basis with options on how we can help you get your item.

Note: We ARE NOT affiliated in any way with Eye on Asia or the problems they suffered and are suffering. We are creating the support program in order to help those affected by this unfortunate situation.
You will be required to provide proof of your purchase with Eye on Asia.