Japan Imports – Hard to Find in the UK and Europe

Welcome to the Japan Imports page

We’ve been hard at work to find suppliers and points of contact in Japan to bring in products that are extremely hard to find in the UK and in Europe… and the good news is that we did it!

These are products that:

  • Are Hard to Very Hard to find in the UK
  • Are already in our warehouse in the UK, ready for shipping
  • Have no import charges or duty. What you see in the shop is what you pay, that’s it!
  • Have limited stock, which means that we’ll sell out on the fairly quick. Might take months until we replenish their stock, if ever
  • Are 100% original, brand new and unopened. We take huge pride on our reputation!

What do we promise?

  • Japan Imorts are 100% licensed and original
  • Boxes are unopened
  • Some of these products are old. This might lead to some boxes being slightly discoloured or having their corners slightly damaged. This is normal. These products have come a long way to be in your hands
  • All these products are still covered by our returns terms and conditions

I’m looking for something in specific!

Great! Aren’t we all always looking for something special 🙂

We have loads of contacts in Asia which allow us to find products that others can’t. If you’re looking for something in specific please let us know. We’ll do our very best to source those products for you. Just bear in mind that might take a while to get them into the UK.

Some of the products in our Japan Imports section