What happens after I Order In-Stock or Pre-order?


What happens after I order?

In stock products have 3 Different possibilities, that are displayed on each individual product page.

In-Stock Next Day Delivery – This is when the product is in the UK and ready to ship, all this process has is packaging and padding of the product and picking a courier. As soon as the courier picks up the package a tracking code is automatically sent by us with the link to the customer’s email attached to the order.

In-Stock 5-10 Days – This is when the product is in storage in our warehouse in Germany, the time that it takes is longer since the product needs to be packed and shipped on a pallet with several other products, passed onto a courier and delivered to the UK. As soon as it arrives in the UK it goes through all the steps of the Next day delivery, meaning it is picked from the pallet, packed and padded and passed onto the courier. When the courier sends over the tracking number, we will automatically email you with the link and code to track the order!

On Request Products – This is a specific situation where we do not stock this item. When your order comes in we place an order with the manufacturer. This can take weeks or even months to arrive at our UK warehouse (it depends on each manufacturer and where they are based). Get in touch with us after placing your order, or even before, so that we are able to provide a more accurate time frame. Be aware that when you place an order on an item that is “On Request” we are unable to cancel the order. Reason being we place an order with the manufacturer as well and we cannot cancel this one.


What happens when I Pre-order?


Pre-orders and their different payment methods!

Once a Pre-order is purchased, you will receive an automatic email invoice for your order, with your order number. As you know Pre-orders are susceptible to changes in release dates, this happens quite commonly on some manufacturers.

These updates can be found in https://animegami.co.uk/my-account if you see any changes on the release dates there, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can investigate it further, we will also occasionally email you with any updates on your order

Payment Methods

We offer a variety of payment methods on products, depending on their pricing.

Deposit – This means that a percentage of the total amount for the Pre-Order is taken when the Order is created and the remaining amount requested when the product is available for delivery. We can keep items in the UK warehouse for up to a Month if for some reason customer needs to delay its delivery or is waiting for funds

Monthly Payment Plans – This is only made on special request and needs to be on products whose value is higher than 500 Pounds. This also works somewhat like the deposit, being that we have to take a 20% of the value upfront, and then we will create orders with the divided full value monthly.

Upfront – The simplest and most efficient way to purchase, just press pay and get an instant 5% upfront discount, this

All of the methods above go through the same process, when the product is released by the manufacturer, our batch of products will be shipped to Germany where they will be sorted and shipped to either the UK or the respective EU / US addresses, Tracking codes are sent as soon as it arrives at the destination country

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