Trusted Shops Partnership – Protecting your orders

Trusted Shops Partnership

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve started a partnership with Trusted Shops. Trusted Shops is one of the leading European trust brands in e-commerce. It’s similar to how Trust Pilot works, but they provide a couple more things we felt are essencial for our customers!

Bellow you can find a list of the top 3 reasons we decided to do this partnership.

1. Money-back guarantee

Right after you place your order, you can assure your purchase price up to £2,500 FOR FREE with the Trusted Shops money-back guarantee. You spend a lot of money on these items and we want to make sure we provide as much assurance as we can on your purchases.

2. Customer reviews

Authentic reviews by real customers show the trustworthiness of our shop. We take a lot of pride on our customer support, shipping, packaging and prices… but don’t hear it just from us, hear it from our trusted customers!

3. Trustmark

Our shop was checked for compliance with the Trusted Shops quality criteria before it was awarded the trustmark. Trusted Shops quality criteria involve legal requirements but also refer to the quality of the service. The trustmark stands for trustworthiness and the money-back guarantee.


Q: How can I read more about this?
A: You can always refer to Trusted Shops FAQ for consumers. We also welcome our customers to contact their Consumer Service Team for further advice.

Q: I’ve already placed an order, am I covered?
A: If you saw the notification on the “Thank you” page, after completing your order, you are covered. Otherwise, your order is not covered with Trusted Shops. Unfortunately, due to the audit process we went through, only orders that got shown that notification are in fact covered. In case of doubt please contact us or feel free to contact Trusted Shops.

Q: Do I need to pay anything extra?
A: Not at all! That’s the beauty of it, you get up to £2.500 cover regardless of the amount of your order and completely for FREE.

Q: When do I see this cover?
A: After placing your order, on the “Thank you” page, you’ll see the Trusted Shops notification popping up. You’ll have more information there.

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