Rewards, rewards and more rewards!


Rewarding loyal customers!

Since we opened back in February 2016 we’ve been growing on a monthly basis and it’s all thanks to you, our Amazing Customers.

As a token of appreciation and a way to give back to our most loyal customers we’ve been working, for the last couple of weeks, on a new system for our shop. As such, we’re proud to introduce our brand new “Reward Point System”



How does it work?

Every time you place an order (both normal orders and pre-orders) and the payment is cleared you’ll be given 1 point for each £1 spent.

From here you’ll be able to use earned points in future order as a monetary discount. Here’s a conversion example:

  • 100 points will give you £1.00 off your order
  • 250 points will give you £2.50 off your order
  • 1000 points will give you £10.00 off your order
  • 5000 points will give you £50.00 off your order

Best part? – Every customer that has already placed an order in the shop will be awarded points for their purchases!



How can I check my points?

We’ve added a new section to your My Account page that looks roughly like this:



How do I know how many points I will earn?

In every product page, right bellow the price, we have a new section that tells you how many points you’ll be earning. Look for something like this:



How do I use my points?

Most important part 🙂

After adding your item(s) to you cart and while on the basket/cart page you’ll see a new section at the top.



You are given the choice to apply your points to this order by clicking on the “Apply Discount” button. You don’t need to spend all your points though, you can choose how many points to apply for the discount.
Just as a reminder, 100 points will give £1 off your order.



Got questions?

Here we go! We hope you’ll find this new system useful and easy to use. As always, we’re open to feedback so feel free to get in touch with us at any time. We’re always here to help 🙂

José Airosa

Founded in 2015, Animegami Ltd, entered the collectibles market with the main purpose of establishing itself as one of the primary Anime, Manga and eastern Asian culture supplies retail providers.

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