Making Miku Hatsune Hanairogoromo

Who is Miku Hatsune?

Miku Hatsune is a fairly famous humanoid singer, widely known in Asia. Developed by Crypton Future Media, Miku is voiced by a singing synthesizer application.

Today we bring you detailed look into the process of bringing Miku into the collectable figures world. This is not the first figure produced based on Miku, but it is the first she’s wearing a traditional Japanese yukata and probably one of the most detailed statue of her.

This figure was developed by Stronger. It stands approximately 23 cm tall (1/8 scale) and comes in a window box packaging.

Bringing it to collectible life

Generic process behind creating a figure is normally straightforward, but fairly lengthy.

First of all, a concept art reference is created, like the one bellow.

From here, depending on the manufacturer and artists, they might decide to do a digital 3D representation of the statue or sculpt the figure with clay (similar to how the movie industry works).

Lastly, after iterations and adjustments they will have a final concept ready for hand painting.

It’s an incredible piece of art, only achieved by the hands of true artists.

Some of Miku’s concerts

José Airosa

Founded in 2015, Animegami Ltd, entered the collectibles market with the main purpose of establishing itself as one of the primary Anime, Manga and eastern Asian culture supplies retail providers.

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