Worried about Delivery? – We’ve got you covered!


What should I expect from my delivery?

Item deliveries are a very important aspect of our business and the service we provide to all our customers. We’d like to provide a bit more transparency into the process.

We’re currently working with 2 companies, UK Mail for UK domestic deliveries and Royal Mail for international deliveries. We’ve selected these companies as they were the best at the service they provide and do it for a very competitive price.

What countries do we ship to?

We’re happy to say that we ship anywhere in the world.

Depending where we’re sending your order to, different delivery times and cost will apply.

When you place your order, two things can happen:

Great news, we have your item(s) in our UK warehouse and we will ship it next working day.

Shipping to the UK

1 to 2  Working Days

Shipping to the Europe

3 to 5 Working Days

Shipping to the rest of the world

5 to 7 Working Days

It’s not in stock in our warehouse, but in stock with our provider. In those cases we’ll place an order with our provider and ship it as soon as it has arrived to our UK warehouse.

Shipping to the UK

5 to 10 Working Days

Shipping to the Europe

7 to 15 Working Days

Shipping to the rest of the world

10 to 25 Working Days

What about “On Request” items?

This is a specific situation where we do not stock this item. When your order comes in we place an order with the manufacturer. This can take weeks or even months to arrive to our UK warehouse (it depends on each manufacturer and where they are based). Get in touch with us after placing your order, or even before, so that we are able to provide a more accurate time frame.

Be aware that when you place an order on an item that is “On Request” we are unable to cancel the order. Reason being we place an order with the manufacturer as well and we cannot cancel this one.

What happens when my order is shipped?

  1. We ship your order from our warehouse
  2. A tracking number will be assigned to your order. At this point you’ll receive an email completing your order. There you’ll find the tracking number as well as the summary of your order. You can also track your order using in your personal account area.
  3. UK delivery only – UK Mail will send you an email and sms message (if you provided your phone number) with a delivery day
  4. UK delivery only – On the day of your delivery UK Mail will send you an email and sms message (if you provided your phone number) with a 1 hour window for the delivery as well as options in case you’re not home
  5. UK delivery only – You’ll be able to GPS track (so awesome!) your order

For international deliveries you’ll still get a tracking number and estimated delivery day.

But how does it actually look?

We’ve placed an order a couple of days ago to document this process. We’re also going to use these items for something else… but it’s a surprise, shhhhhh.
For now, here are some pictures we took as soon as we got it delivered:



“Handle with care” – yup, we know this is an important order for you!
Disclaimer: We’re not yet commercially stamping the logo onto the box, but soon… 🙂



Everything is nicely tucked in for safety while handling



Delivery order that will come with every package.
Always double check that everything arrived exactly as you expected



Everything comes bubble wrapped for extra comfort



Never enough bubble wrapping 🙂



Your precious order!



José Airosa

Founded in 2015, Animegami Ltd, entered the collectibles market with the main purpose of establishing itself as one of the primary Anime, Manga and eastern Asian culture supplies retail providers.

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