Kogitsunemaru – Touken Ranbu Online


Touken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞)

Is an online web browser game by DMM and Nitroplus. Players assume the role of a Saniwa sage (審神者) who travels into the past to defeat evil forces that are trying to change the course of history. As a sage, you have the ability to breathe life into inanimate objects, including famous historical swords. Your duty is to bring these blades to life, create an army, and defeat the enemies!


Kogitsunemaru was forged by Sanjou Munechika when he came to Fushimi. He met a mysterious boy near the Fushimi Inari gate, who was believed to be a fox deity Inari, when he prayed at the shrine before he forge the sword. The boy assist him on forging the sword with his (said to be) inhuman skill, and it turned out to be Munechika’s great masterwork. He nicknamed it “Kogitsune-maru” (kogitsune means little fox), in honor of the deity that assists him on forging the sword.


1/8th scale figure of Kogitsunemaru, the great sword. He has been faithfully sculpted based on the pose he takes when you receive him in the game, with his long, flowing hair carefully detailed to ensure that he can be proud of his beautiful ‘fur’.

His outfit opened out at the chest to reveal his impressive muscles has also been intricately sculpted down to the finest of details, and the his back which was never even visible on the original illustration is also filled with charm for fans to enjoy! Be sure to add the powerful Kogitsunemaru to your collection!

This extremely detailed PVC figure measures approx. 24 cm in height and comes in a japanese window box.

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