Introducing Animegami Studios

Press Release

30th December 2018

We are proud to announce our first brand expansion, Animegami Studios.

Animegami Studios will be Animegami’s creative branch, in charge of the production of PVC and Resin statues, merchandising and comics. This is an official trademark belonging to Animegami Ltd.


We are currently in the process of acquiring a handful of licenses that will be used to start producing and selling to the general public by the end of 2019. We will announce which licenses we have acquired as soon as they are confirmed.


Our plan is to create original stories, filled with amazing characters that you can relate with. We want you, our community, to be a part of this experience. We’re aiming for high-quality writing and design. We’re currently working on our first Manga and we’ll provide you with more details in the upcoming months.


This was highly requested by the community and we’re moving forward with some Shinigami merchandising! In the upcoming months, we’ll have the first products in the store. We’re currently working on the first designs and we’ll share it with you before going into production.

Your feedback is critical to the success of our new brand!

In the meantime, we invite you to join and like our official facebook page:

José Airosa

Founded in 2015, Animegami Ltd, entered the collectibles market with the main purpose of establishing itself as one of the primary Anime, Manga and eastern Asian culture supplies retail providers.

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