Dark Souls Statue Solaire of Astora 46 cm

“The way I see it, our fates appear to be intertwined.
In a land brimming with Hollows, could that really be mere chance?
So, what do you say? Why not help one another on this lonely journey?”

Dark Souls Statue Solaire of Astora 46 cm

First 4 Figures is proud to present Solaire of Astora. An exceptionally skilled warrior from FromSoftware’s stunning action role-playing game: ‘Dark Souls’. Solaire of Astora stands at 18 inches tall from the tip of his hands to the base making for a simply stunning display centerpiece for any Dark Souls fan.

Comes in deluxe full-color packaging, hand numbered base and an authenticity card that allows you to purchase the same product number for future pieces in the Dark Souls series.

This is the third statue in First 4 Figures Dark Souls line.

Product Size: 46 x 26 x 20 cm


Solaire of Astora is a member of the Warriors of Sunlight covenant who appears in several areas. He is a cheerful and powerful knight who does not let the crumbling world affect his mood. He speaks of willingly becoming an Undead so that he could search for his own sun.

Upon first meeting him, he explains that “the flow of time itself is convoluted, with heroes centuries old phasing in and out”. As the First Flame fades, even time begins to unravel in Lordran.

People from different points in time can cross into each others worlds as a result of this, and Solaire offers the player a way to do this, as well as offering to come into the Chosen Undead’s world, should they require assistance.

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