Bloodborne The Old Hunters Statue Lady Maria

“A corpse… should be left well alone.
Oh, I know very well. How the secrets beckon so sweetly.
Only an honest death will cure you now.
Liberate you, from your wild curiosity.”

Bloodborne The Old Hunters Statue Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower 51 cm

Prime 1 Studios have released official details and photos for the upcoming release. Standing at 20″ tall, Prime 1 Figures will be offering two versions of the statue. There will be a standard edition, as well as an exclusive edition.


She was a citizen of Cainhurst and is directly related to Queen Annalise. However, she was one of the first Hunters to join the nightly hunt, studying under Gehrman, The First Hunter.

Despite being a citizen of Cainhurst, who relished in their extravagant uses of blood, she favored her Rakuyo, which required dexterity and skill rather than blood to wield effectively.

At an unknown point in time, Maria forfeited her beloved weapon, tossing it down a well when she could stomach it no longer, and disappeared mysteriously into the Hunter’s Nightmare.

Now, Maria resides in the Astral Clocktower, looking after the disfigured patients that reside there, and guarding the “secret” of the Nightmare, the entrance to the Fishing Hamlet, where the Orphan of Kos can be found. She sits in a chair, seemingly lifeless until the Hunter tries to touch her.

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower – Exclusive Version

The Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower Exclusive Statue features:

Maria Statue – Size approximately 51 cm tall

One (1) exclusive die-cast goblet

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